One of the issues of being an older new singleton is getting out at night.  Pat and I went everywhere all the time; even after he was on life support. We saw Book of Mormon one sleety February afternoon at DPAC and attended many concerts in Chapel Hill and Greensboro, not to mention our annual trek to see our grandchildren perform in Walkderdance’s NUTCRACKER.

Doing these things alone requires a different sort of planning. My first  solo flight, so to speak, was to see THE EXPLORERS CLUB at the Paramount in Burlington.  And I must say, I made a good choice. Give me a big ole pat on the back. It was a wonderful play, perfectly cast, well written with just about a joke in every line and it gets funnier as it goes on, like a good episode of Fraiser where the situation comedy builds upon each farcical sequence.

But what really stunned me was WHAT HAPPENED TO BURLINGTON during my absence?  I pulled up in front of Smitty’s Ice Cream, and there were people eating on the patio of the Burlington Beer Works. At the Depot Ampitheater, people were waiting to hear an outdoor concert. And most of the businesses were open and doing a booming business.  I walked over to PERSNICKETY BOOKS and perused the offerings,  talked to the Mayor and then arranged to have a book signing in July.   I felt like I’d been transported to some wonderful small town movie set. BUT NO, It was Our Town….

So, if you want an escape from the heat this weekend, try THE EXPLORERS CLUB this afternoon.  You can’t go wrong. But as for me, I’m heading over to the open house at the new May Loft Apartments.