UNESCO added 8, count ’em EIGHT, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings to the World Heritage List.

I saw it in the paper this morning. Most exciting, but the paper didn’t include photos or links so I’m doing that now.


Of interest to me is the JACOBS house, as it was the first USONIAN.  We built a wannabe Usonian based on the Pope Leighey house, but they are all similar in style.

Photo credit Taliesin Preservation.org

I don’t care for the term ‘bucket list” but one of my life goals is to get to Chicago and take the FLW tour and then head over to Taliesin to see his country home.



National Park Service Photo

You can tell alot about a person/family by their house.  In NYC recently we toured Alexander Hamilton’s home, THE GRANGE.   It was what you would expect. An orderly, fashionable house built in the Federal style with a sweeping view of the country and city he loved so well.  He was proud of that house.

After we toured Carl Sandburg’s house in Flat Rock, NC we came home and pulled the TV out of the great room and made it less of a focal point of our lives.  The NC Wyeth home in Chadd’s Ford Pennyslvania inspired Pat to start building furniture and resparked my interest in painting and creating a more creative home for the girls.

Even GRACELAND, Elvis’ home in Memphis told us of his love of his home.   I think you should be able to go into a house and see what the people are like, what are there interests? Nosy Parker that I am, you will always find me checking out their bookshelves.

William Faulkner’s Roanoke in Oxford, Ms. had a copy of Mary Stewart’s NINE COACHES WAITING in his library.  Made the literary god a tad more human in my eyes.

It has been for so long the American Dream to own a house; a refuge, where no one can enter without invitation or just cause.

After we built our last home, we were sitting at the table eating hamburgers and listening to Appalachian Spring. Pat burst into tears. (He was always the sappy one.)  He explained after he calmed down. “We’re sitting in an American house, listening to American music and eating American food.”  It was his idea of heaven.