I wached the most interesting documentary on Netflix the other day.  Twenty Feet From Stardom, https://twentyfeetfromstardom.com/, is about the backup singers  who performed on all the classics that we boomers and our children sang along with on those long car trips.  It was fascinating because it really was about the different personalities that drive the music industry, and why so few of the singers manage to cross that 20 foot psychological canyon onto the main stage .  Although there are as many different nuances to each situtation, it comes down to personality.  Most are happy singing back up.  Many are the children of ministers who learned their trade in gospel choirs and ALL of them love just being around the music. It takes a different personality to make that leap of faith, across the twenty feet, grabbing the mic to propel themselves into the spotlight. Their talent is never in question.  It is their ambition, personal history and personality that determines the arc of that catapult. Some of them actually put out an album and then, retreat to the softer, less exposed stage lighting of backup.

This is a problem I have.  I have no problem writing. I wrote WELCOME TO SHAKER CORNERS in about six weeks.  It was fun to write, fun to edit and then fun to work with my editor, Jim Huth, in Florida over these past couple of months.  He was great and enthusiastic about the book.

It’s promoting the book that gives me the heebie jeebies.  And I need to overcome this fear in order to actually raise money for ALS research.   I don’t even like to talk on the telephone.  I think it isn’t an uncommon problem.

My brother reports there is a snake, one of those large scary ones, a python, loose in his town. As of yesterday, that python had over 3,000 twitter followers.

I think I need to find and hire the snake’s publicist for my book.