Leigh Ann and Jordan who know better how to pose than I.

Thanks to EVERYONE who came to the first Literary Event at our wonderful downtown Persnickety Books which happened to also be my first ever book signing.  I don’t know if I was “glowing” (southern ladies glow you know, never sweat)  from nerves or heat, but either way those glands got a workout.  At the end, my friend Linda, a fellow Mississippian; discovered the ceiling fans were set to SNOWFLAKE rather than SUN, and our mayor, Ian Baltutis (and owner of the bookstore) grabbed a ladder, changed the setting and we got immediate relief.  Linda had lent me a book, DISPATCHES FROM PLUTO about an Englishman’s move to the Delta and in it he mentions he mayor of Oxford, Mississppi (home of Ole Miss) is the owner of the bookstore.  So we  pondered if this is something they push in Mayor’s school, or whereever they go to learn how to do local government.

My friend Chuck, played jazz  and one selection from Winston Churchill’s funeral ( I VOW TO THEE) at the request of another friend.  We are an eclectic bunch at best.  Afterwards, over a martini at the Burlington Beer works (I don’t drink beer and they have a wicked good bartender) we planned a fall parish bash.  It’s always good to have future fun in the works.

Another good friend brought her old American Flags because I have two grandsons’ Boy Scout connection to ensure these beloved symbols are disposed of properly.

I made the aquaintance of a sweet woman who remembered my mother, which was unusual since Mom died in 1998 and I thought I knew everyone she did, so that was a nice surprise.  Friends of family and others came and I appreciate it all.

All in all, a wonderful Southern American hometown evening….once the fans got going correctly..