Shaker Corners

For this new life we are leading in the world during the pandemic, I thought I’d display a different portion of the book. In here, families’ lives are much reduced due to being snowbound.


As usual, during times of crisis, the best was brought out in people, but also the worst. There were many more beatings of wives by husbands who couldn’t get out  and there were many more cases of too much drinking to pass the empty nights.   Unfortunately, children suffered through this time of isolation also. Many of them looked forward to school as a break from their problems and although there was no school, there was no school holiday for the social workers. They too had to have special transportation to get to the troubled homes.

Sally’s mother pulled herself together and the six weeks passed without incident.

She remembered that she had responsibilities and the children didn’t need to worry about her as well as the weather and the lack of food in the house. She smiled and worked and played just as when Sally and Charles were toddlers and for this period, their house was a happy one.