A while ago, I realized it’s time to de-handicap the bathroom. The VA, and you taxpayers, very kindly provided my Pat with the requiste rails, head and sinks necessary to live with ALS.   When we started the project, I think we were both worried he wouldn’t live to use any of it, but we were wrong and those fixtures became a fixture in our lives.  I was most grateful to everyone who came and worked on it.

The BEFORE picture…..

Pat’s bathroom was also a hodge podge of strange make-do cabinetry that couldn’t impede the flow of his permobile, and had to be able to accommodate the elegant crane-like Hoyer lift that was so necessary for my knees. After living with this huge open space, I’ve decided I’m good to go, so one of my grandsons and I headed to IKEA in Charlotte to make the purchases.

I always thought that there would be a market for a RENT-A-TEEN business.  You know, a place you can call and get someone to come over and open jars or change those high lightbulbs that require ladder climbing.

They can get into the more skilled jobs as their expertise grows and it usually takes a couple of years for them to mature enough to be left alone  with power tools.  Last year, with minimal help, he created a terraced garden for me.

This year, he’s moved on to assembling IKEA cabinetry.  He did such a good, efficient job with this, he made a sound argument for paying him more. I’m thinking this would be  a good gig to help with college costs.   

But I will be saving all those rails for my later use because I, unlike Merlin, am not aging in reverse.


The young handyman learning from his Pappy.