After someone leaves, you know they’re going to miss the big events and you are sort of prepared for that, the grandchild’s graduation; the major holidays of the years.  It’s the other, unexpected things that throw you off because you wish they were around to see it. We’re going through that right now with our church.

There’s a  renovation going on, wherein the carpet is being removed and the beautiful wooden floors refinished. This will result in better acoustics for our truly wonderful music.  (I throw that word, acoustics, around like I know what I’m talking about, whereas all I know is it makes for a better sound.)

That’s the organ, covered to protect it

And THIS, has turned into one of those times.  Pat was by no means a musician, although he could sing pretty well. He was in the Iowa City High Band, playing 3rd chair tuba. He mainly did that so that he could sit amongst all the sound. He was not a performer, he was an appreciator.

When he was in high school, he snuck into an Arthur Rubenstein concert and he always had music playing in our house. Early on, I knew that ALS (as much as it robbed him of other things) couldn’t take that away and I was right. He loved YOUTUBE and made his own playlists which I am still enjoying.  His music choices for his memorial service were so wonderful, it was as if we were witnessing his heavenly welcome.

So THIS is one of those times, I’m really mad Pat’s not around to hear  Charles play in that newly polished beautiful church.  But what can you do? Hope he’s listening anyway from a loftier perch than the handciapped pew?