I’m in the sixth day of my free sample week of BRITBOX and I must admit I love it.  I like to watch Welsh shepherds on breezy hills tending their flocks. I love to listen to Monty Don as he messes with “compost” and talks about seedlings.  And of course, I’d watch Judi Dench read the telephone book, she’s that fascinating to me. I never see her without envying her hair. In fact, the last time I went to the barber, I pulled up her photo on Google and said, “I want that.”  Of course, I’m not Judi, so it never works out and thank goodness I spent the last month in a secluded cabin in Maine visiting my grandchildren and growing out the latest disaster.

But, the most recent thing I watched on BritBox was the 2019 CHELSEA GARDEN SHOW.  And like our home and garden shows here in the Old North State, various organizations will construct full size gardens for our viewing pleasure and, over there,The Queen’s.

I was happily watching the telly, when all of a sudden, they showed a MOTOR NEURON DISEASE garden.  The idea behind that was to display a garden that could no longer be tended because of limited motility.  It looked remarkably like my garden did when Pat died.  The flowers were still there, but so were many, many weeds, and the nandinas needed massive pruning. The ivy had overtaken the shed, the wisteria had made itself even more comfortable, I could barely see the gravel in the driveway and my tools were all over the place.  I could still access my car but I do remember a huge overgrown bush that I had to fight everytime I opened the door.   I had to keep the way clear for Pat and his wheelchair but that bush on the driver’s entry side was killing me.

It has taken me 19 months, but  I’ve almost reclaimed everything (with the help of my grandsons) although there is still a wisteria frond that wraps around my neck when I walk past it.  I’m hesitant to rid myself of something so affectionate.

Here’s a link to the garden pictures. https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-chelsea-flower-show/Gardens/2019/the-high-maintenance-garden-for-motor-neurone-dise