I have been busy during this pandemic year of 2020 helping with my youngest grandchildren in their school endeavors.  I teach them reading and some math. We added Bible lessons this fall since church is a no go for now.

It also means monitoring their Zoom Classroom as they are both pretty adept at horsing around and seemingly engaged while on camera, but actually playing Google games.  I walked in one morning just as I heard the 1st grader tell his older 2nd grade brother, “I got into Netflix.”  Which I promptly reported to his mother so she could block their computers from her office.

But it turns out, that is actually the least of their problems.  I was sitting on the couch alongside the elder child and while in the Zoom classroom, he was instructed to go to a site call Kahoot.it.  He was using the microphone to access the site and Google wasn’t responding. I looked up from reading my book (WAR AND PEACE and I hope y’all are duly impressed)  when I sensed his frustrations and good luck I did. Google finally perked up and gave him a list of sites that would send him to ELDERLY MEN HAVING SEX. I thought I had slow reflexes.  But man, I whipped that laptop around and got him out of there and into Kahoot.it faster than you can say Viagra

It reminded me of the time Pat wanted to join an online sailing discussion about our boat, a Nauticat.  He ended up on  site called spankpussy and was so dismayed  with all the popups, he pulled the plug on the computer so the girls couldn’t see and waited until I got home to straighten it all out. Now he was a 40 year old man, who’d been around the block with porn I assume. This is a kid that weighs less than our last Thanksgiving turkey.   He’s too young for that sort of thing.

Another site, Likee, is supposed to be a safe place for young kids to chat and share photos. It’s become  just another pedophile Meet and Greet  as a young friend’s mother discovered to her horror last week.

We always knew too much computer time was bad for kids.  We’re getting a hard lesson in how easy it is for bad folks and bad sites to corrupt children who don’t have their permanent teeth yet.

We’re waiting for the schools to be “safe” to reopen. How safe is the interweb of sex that our children are exposed to everyday?

And on another note, I couldn’t figure out why my grandson’s clear enunciation of Kahoot.it led him to Elderly Men Having Sex. Pondered it all day and woke up at 2 am with the answer,  Google thought he was asking for “Coots Doing It.”