“A great story told in a style reminiscent of Jan Karon, Miss Read and Alexander McCall Smith. It boasts a wonderful cast of characters, each worthy of their own tale…do I see a series??? This is a not a children’s book. It deals with real life issues without shying away, but also with humor and understanding. I am SO impressed. Please buy and read this, says the ex-librarian!!” SK

“What a wonderful read with such great characters. Thank you so much for sharing the story. …
P.S. Quickest shipping ever.” CL

“Loved the book. Sweet story and I recognized some of the characters! Nice job Paula.” SHP

“It is a great read with legitimate laugh out loud moments, and very heartfelt. (and apparently the heroine has my hair…back before it was grey)” LHS

I have read Welcome to Shaker Corners and found it to be populated with charming characters and sweet story lines–as well as fun references to our shared childhood experiences and history.” ME

” I have so enjoyed your writing, am astounded that you penned such a richly-woven story in 6 weeks. Love your characters, love being back in time just enough years…love your humor, I hear your voice, your insight—nothing gets past you, and I feel your curiosity about whatever is around the corner, what it might feel like to be in someone else’s shoes.”SBW

“I heard your voice in so many of the conversations and of course caught so many of the references to the happenings and places in your life. A fun read!! “KD

“Paula, your book is very well written, heartfelt, and interesting” MS