After a two month hiatus due to lack of  internet connectivity up in Maine and a surfeit of emotional connectivity back home, I’m back where I belong.

My little cabin in the Maine woods reinforced my decision NOT to be a fan of scary books and I enjoyed sitting out on the front porch every morning in the dark, waiting for the sun rise and listening to the loons.  Saw foxes, deer, skunks but no moose. They’re further north and it was plenty cool for this southener sitting wrapped up in blankets and sweaters to not go chasing them beyond the latitude in which we sat.

We went to an ALS walk in Bangor and relearned the difference between Southern hospitality and Yankee practicality.  I couldn’t register at the walk and get the tshirts there. Had to have raised a specific amount of dough for each shirt. Down here in Greensboro, if you just look crosseyed, they’ll give you a shirt, we’re that desperate for the awareness raising, but  that little Northern walk raised over $75K so they’ve hit upon a formula that works for them.  We went to Hobby Lobby and made our own tshirts. The coolest thing was the turn around at Stephen King’s house; which looks about the way you ‘d picture his house to look..And this is as good a place as any to end a post for Halloween month.  Happy Fall to y’all and see you around town or Facebook.