I’ve been told that I should do a blog to go with this website & Facebook posting to promote my book WELCOME TO SHAKER CORNERS with which I hope to raise Billions of dollars for ALS research etc.  So here is my first post.

I thought this was going to be a blog of thanks, but that will come later. This turns out to be a sorta sad posting. We went to the Greensboro ALS walk to pick up some envelopes to insert in my book; the theory being people will be so overcome with the wonderfulness of my writing, they will also want to donate even MORE to ALS. 

It was the first walk we’ve done without Pat.  We lined up at the beginning, Clare thought she was going to run, because she’s that intense kind of person and then realized how inappropriate it would be to run when others can’t because she is more empathetic than intense. (THERE’S A LOT GOING ON IN THAT LITTLE BODY AND SHE WILL HATE THAT I WROTE THAT).

(Photo lifted from the ALS association FB page. I don’t know the little girl in the front.)

Waiting for the walk to start was difficult, the PALS (Patient with ALS) had a difficult time cutting the ribbon, because you know, SHE HAS ALS.  The fact she made it there is a triumph and a testimony to her drive. While we stood there, with Emma’s dog Junebug, snarling at everything she saw, I got sort of weepy remembering how hard it was for Pat to get to those walks. He was in the push wheelchair for the first walk in 2013 and at the end, he got out of the chair and walked the last 100 feet using his cane. That was a triumph and a testimony to his determination.  His last ALS walk, a couple of years ago, was so difficult. The route was over railroad tracks and bumpy roads.  His neck suffered and we didn’t return. 

So this was a hard one. We had two dogs and a teenager but it was still a lot easier, physically…just harder emotionally. We all went home and slept for hours, including Thor.