My family has always loved a good time and when we learned that Hugh Jackman’s THE MAN, THE MUSIC, THE SHOW was coming to our hemisphere; had to plan a get together. Our variety of ages from, let us say, post-Medicare  to pre-middle school enrollment, determined other activities and modes of travel suited to our differing interests. The one baseline was access to a nice bar for cocktail hour and proximty to the venue, the Capital One Arena near Fords Theater.

I hopped on AMTRAK’s The CAROLINIAN at 9am and arrived at Union Station in time for my martini at the Hotel Monaco.  I was greeted by one family that drove up from Burlington and we discussed the arrivals of other family members who were flying in from Alabama and NC.  Other sibs were driving over from Northern Virginia.

The morning of the show I took advantage of the cool weather and walked down to see the African American Museum. It was designed by Durham based architect, Phillip Freelon who came home after the opening ceremony and was promptly diagnosed with ALS in 2016.

I love Washington DC.  It is a city of promises made and kept.  And to be fair, some not kept also.  But we’re always working on that.

Hugh put on a great show which was very autobiographical in nature.  He talked about his family and his country, Australia.  It was nice to hear someone speak so openly about that sort of thing.  And at the end, he thank us for our efforts at getting there. He even said,  ” I know some of you flew, drove cars, rode on trains and buses and I appreciate it.” (or something to that was late) And so of course, everyone in our group fit that profile…

My beautiful niece who, when shes not singing along with Hugh Jackman, is a research scientist at UAB in Birmingham.

So here’s to HUGE who loves his family and his country. I could indentify with that….