About Paula Hanninen Boyd

Paula Hanninen Boyd was born in Memphis Tennessee, smack dab in the middle of the last century of the previous millennium.  A baby boomer who didn’t go to Woodstock, never smoked pot or learned to surf, she nevertheless, had as happy a life as is possible here on earth.

Paula has had aspirations toward writing her entire life, but due to raising children, being a helpmate to her husband in business and other realities, could only dabble in this. 

Paula first visited Shaker Corners in an article for Runner’s World which cannot be found anywhere online. But it’s true. The check was cashed and probably spent on something silly, like groceries.

Paula then published some boating articles about her and Pat’s life on their mini-trawler, which you also can’t find online. Those checks probably went for horse feed…

Paula was a columnist for the BURLINGTON TIMES NEWS toward the end of the Clinton Administration. During the summer of 2001, she wrote WELCOME TO SHAKER CORNERS.

After 9/11, the manuscript was shelved and Paula started writing a family column for the MEBANE ENTERPRISE of Mebane NC.  This gig lasted until Pat and Paula moved to Burlington in 2006, at which time, she retired from writing to take care of grandchildren, and then later on her husband who became ill with ALS.

The only other writings she has done are wedding announcements for her children and a couple of blogs.   Oh, and one obituary. 

If you’re interested in architecture or just building projects, here’s a link to the blog about building what a friend called, their “toe tag” house. She was more correct than she knew. Pat designed the house based on the footprint of a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonion; the Pope-Leighey House which is near Mt. Vernon.  

 Due to the nature of blogs (back to front) you’ll know, right away, they were able to finish it successfully, whereas Paula was a tad concerned about the outcome… Pat never was.




one of the few horse rides that didn’t end with a concussion.

After Pat died in February of 2018, Paula was wanting to raise money for ALS and decided to revisit writing, and particularly Shaker Corners, that mythical town in a world that didn’t exist. 2001 without 9/11.  All of the totally embarrassing events happened either to her or her husband and one daughter.   No other lives were cannibalized for this story, and really, it is a work of fiction.




                      Paula is currently working on her next book, BEREFT,  about living with the blessing that is ALS.


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All net proceeds from writings will go toward ALS research, because really, we’ve known about this horrible disease for over 150 years. It’s time we got cracking on it.