I’ve been working on the book about our ALS adventure.  I’d really just got into the part about Pat’s fabulous chair when something popped up on Facebook that illustrates it much better than I can write. First the excerpt:

Pat taking our grandson for a spin to watch important things.

The most important piece of equipment Pat received was The Permobile, a motorized wheelchair.  This was a wonderful piece of machinery that gave Pat back his personal freedom. The Permobile meant that he could travel all around the yard and I didn’t have to be with him.  As he went off on his first excursion to look at the spring flowers in May of 2013, Clare and I sat on the patio out of sight. She told me, “This is the first time in two years I’m not nervous about him being by himself.”  And I agreed. It was a freeing thing for all of us. He was safe in the chair.



A young man I almost know, has spent his quarantine time by entering a contest for creating musical scores for short films.  He is still in high school, and I think he did a wonderful job with it.  I’ve watched this numerous times and each time, I think this is pertinent to Pat’s Permobile and indeed, all of us as we are getting ready to get going on our lives again.

Here’s the link. A little under four minutes, but sheer joy to watch and hear. It’s called Poulette’s Chair