I’ve not been posting much, or really at all, because I’ve been busy working on a book about our experience with ALS.  Last week, during the first of our two week shutdown I was reading Facebook as was everyone else when they weren’t watching Netflix or Disney+.    The posts taken together were a muesli of really silly humor and fervent prayers for intervention. There is a  remarkable similarity between the first portion of my manuscript and the first awareness of Corona-virus.

While I was writing my pre-diagnosis portion , I relied on emails, journals and Facebook to jog my memory and it was really difficult to write. I found myself hyperventilating with the relived fear of that dark time before we knew what it was that was killing Pat. We knew it was something deadly, no one took us seriously and yet everyone around us could see something was dreadfully wrong and WE COULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING. My journals from that dark time were very similar to today’s Facebook; mainly silliness to distract us combined with short bursts of information about something we really don’t understand and prayer requests. The ratio of each thing to the others is almost the same as my journal entries.

Humans are remarkably adaptable. We see Italians singing on balconies, churches have gone online and in our town, everyone is out walking (by themselves or respectably apart).   We are attempting new things, whether it is trying to fill the teacher’s shoes or learning to bake.

We are attempting to make lemon cake out of the lemons.  We’ll be fine.