By Paula Hanninen Boyd

Welcome to Shaker Corners

Hi there! Welcome to my page! I’m Paula Hanninen Boyd, a sometime writer, full time parent and somewhat addled grandmother. Oh, and I’m also an ALS widow which was the impetus for all this mess.

Paula Hanninen Boyd

I was born in Memphis Tennessee, simply because there were no hospitals in Sardis, Mississippi where we actually lived; and so while my dad cheered on Ole Miss at the Memphis State game, my mother was being ignored on the maternity ward at Memphis Methodist Hospital WAY BACK IN THE MID TWENTIETH CENTURY!

Okay, YEARS LATER, after being raised in Ohio, I high tailed it back to Ole Miss as fast as I could and chased my future husband around that same campus where my parents met, until he succumbed, and we married in the bicentennial year. (This is a quiz for you history people…WHAT YEAR WAS THAT?)

We lived, o so happily, for many years. We raised four lovely and somewhat eccentric daughters and wound up in central North Carolina. We co-founded a business, Carolina Eye Prosthetics, and our lovely eccentric daughters married very nice southern gents and we became the proud grandparents of ten eccentric grandchildren.

About ten years ago, Pat  developed some odd issues that ended up being Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which of course, I only knew as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and only then from the old Gary Cooper movie.

Fast forward to February 13, 2018 and while I was busy texting my daughters about makeup and chickens (I TOLD you they were eccentric), my Pat left me. I was holding his hand at the time…oblivious that I’d entered a new phase of my life.

After the obligatory period of mourning, I was wondering what I could do to honor his memory and maybe help Dr. Bedlack and all the others working so hard to help ALS patients . So  I hit upon printing out a book I’d written during a hiatus between column writing gigs.

WELCOME TO SHAKER CORNERS is about a young girl growing up in  a small Ohio town. It isn’t about the area from which I graduated, but somewhere else. It also ISN’T about ALS. That is the next book.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you buy my book(s) and help me do my bit to fight this awful disease.

Paula Hanninen Boyd
Burlington, NC